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Ever wanted to find out your Family History?

It would be interesting to know of our ancestors.

We know more of world History than our own Family history.

IndiaHindus are expected to remember at least the names of people of Even generations and  do a Ritual (Tharpana,offering Water and sesame seeds at least once a month to three generations, both paternal and maternal)

Those among Brahmins, who do the ‘Abhivaadanam'( of offering respects to elders) would know the progenitor of their Clan, normally three in number.

They are Rishis, seers, who are the foremost of their Clan.

But now people can not even remember or know their Great-grand father’s Name.In

In the West Data Bank is available, to know one’s family History.

I am providing Links.

The Dalton Data Bank is brought to you by the Dalton Genealogical Society (DGS) and volunteers who have spent countless hours extracting Dalton data from a variety of sources.  The Bank includes data about Daltons…

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