A lonely sweater

knit the hell out

I’m really anthropomorphizing the heck out of yarn and sweaters these days. Do you think our knitted wool is lonely when we’re not wearing it? This sweater might just eagerly be awaiting some baby limbs and torso to wrap itself around. Who knows. Here are some still life shots of her new Neighborly.


I’m too excited to  wait until Z is over her cold to post the finished object. I plan on photographing her and Matt at the same time, since they will be wearing their matching family sweaters out of the Cascade 220 Pyrite Heather.

neighborlyI picked the button up at my LYS. It’s a Dill brand button. I used this kind on my Larch Cardigan also. I really like them.

neighborly-3I knitted a contrasting color for the hem, just because I like the look of it. Knitted hems are so satisfying. I even like the rhythm of sewing…

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