Lean and mean

Russel Ray Photos


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The menu on my blog was getting bulky, excessively bulky.

Now it’s lean and mean.

Although it initially looks like I’ve deleted twenty menu items, I have not.

They simply have been moved.

Now there are some submenu items.

For example, I created a menu item called “Mother and Father Nature” and under that are the submenu items Fauna, Flora, and Friday Flower Fiesta.

That’s it!

If your favorites seem to be missing, click on a menu item and you should find them as submenu items.

And now, since I cannot in good conscious have a post that is nothing but text (after all, this blog is Russel Ray Photos, not Russel Ray Text), I leave you with a couple of what I am now calling Flash Video, i.e., a video that is about ten seconds in length.

In the first one, watch how…

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