Liblishers and pubrarians by icecjan


The Lib Pub

  • I stumbled upon The Lib Pub, a group blog on scholarly publishing in libraries. It begins early this year by a group of librarians (are they still librarians?) in the US. I particularly like how one of the contributors, Charles Watkinson, refer to librarians who play a role in scholarly publishing as liblishers and pubrarians. I’m part of a newly established Research Services team at my place of work, I think I fall under the umbrella of pubrarians. While we’re doing a pretty impressive job in library publishing, there are lots of value-adding features to be implemented. Some days I feel I’m swimming in murky water, which is OK. Actually, I think that’s why I’m enjoying my new role so much, I’m being part of something new, I’m learning something every day, it’s challenging and rewarding. I enjoyed reading the introductory posts by contributors, I learned about their…

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