the Labor ship stinks …


Not a sinking ship yet, but a stinking ship that we have to have around until September. Another one gets into the lifeboat:

Even a former Labor president now embraces Tony Abbott:

FORMER Labor Party national president Warren Mundine is poised to assume a powerful position in indigenous affairs under a conservative government after forging an extraordinary alliance with Tony Abbott that he declared was “bigger than partisan politics”…

Mr Mundine, who quit the Labor Party six months ago, has endorsed Mr Abbott’s vision for Aboriginal Australia and confirmed he stands ready to serve a future prime minister in the quest to end indigenous disparity, regardless of that leader’s political stripe.

“If the Prime Minister offers me a job I would seriously consider it and possibly take it,” he said.

By “the Prime Minister”, Mundine means Abbott. Gillard is history already.

Another former Labor President is facing over a hundred…

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