codswallop I called it …


Just found this on Facebook, there are so many people around who are either so easily led, or blinded by ideology. Sixty six of them feature here.

Save The Planet

Australia’s leaders must prepare emergency plans now to restore a safe climate – The Petition Site.

It’s time that our leaders took the climate emergency seriously. Some have fallen asleep at the… (66 signatures on petition)

Unbelievable, thinking that we need to restore a safe climate. Instead Australia’s leaders must prepare to wipe the funds from those alarmists pushing this agenda.
Just like Cook’s latest, codswallop: Cook’s fallacy “97% consensus” study is a marketing ploy some journalists will fall for

and Friday Funny – great moments in 97% beliefs

C02_TCP_social_media_image_97[1]Heh, this is from a commenter at Slashdot on Cook’s fatally flawed 97%…

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