What is Cricket Match Fixing And How

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In a Cricket match, when two teams play or in a league match, the outcome of the match is  predetermined and bets are placed on the teams .

Then money changes hands based on the outcome of the match.

This is not legalized.

The primary mover of the system, usually the Underworld,operates through persons who accept the bets called ‘Bookies

They get in touch with the players, offer them money and induce them to throw away the match,either by tactics or selection of players.

Apart from this,there is another system which is called ‘spot fixing

Here the outcome of the Match is not altered, but the components of the game, especially Bowling is manipulated’ like giving away ‘wides’,bowling ‘No Balls“.

  • What is spot-fixing? Spot fixing is about getting players/officials to act in a specified predefined manner at a particular time or during a particular session of a match…

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