Plants that got buried during the Little Ice Age come to life again

Watts Up With That?

From the University of Alberta, this news release is making the rounds, but what many of the alarmists don’t get (Joe Romm for example) is that these plants had to have a warm environment to grow in first, then they were covered by ice, emerging again after the LIA ended. Many reports are only looking at the current emergence in a warmer period as if it is unique. – Anthony

400-year-old plants reawaken as glaciers recede

UAlberta researcher discovers plants exposed by retreating glaciers regrowing after centuries entombed under ice.

(Edmonton) When Catherine La Farge threads her way through the recently exposed terrain left behind by retreating glaciers, she looks at the ancient plant remains a lot closer than most. Now, her careful scrutiny has revealed a startling reawakening of long-dormant plants known as bryophytes.

La Farge, a researcher in the Faculty of Science, and director and curator of…

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