Struggle of Life

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Struggle of Life

I was walking on the sidewalks of Nilkhet-Newmarket road looking for a suitable transport to get back home. I suddenly saw him…he was seating on a temporary street shop selling T-Shirts with different designs…and what an irony of life…he was selling T-Shirts for people – yet he is only wearing a old undergarments shirt. It attracted my attention and i stopped there. Looked in the scene and noticed another ironical scene….the texts used as decoration of the T-Shirts. It was absolutely something out of the box for me. And when i was about to take this photograph he was staring upwards….was he asking to the Almighty something?…was he thinking of his life?…his resolve?….maybe we will never now….but it touched me….truly i was started by this….and asked myself – what is life actually? To struggle for happiness or to achieve an happy life and live it?…

EXiF :

Camera NIKON D5100

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