wasted water, wasted science …


It’s a great tool, to be able to identify trees and shrubs from aerial images, but it needs a lot more to depict whether deaths are from reduced water tables, insect damage or rust fungus and jarrah dieback outbreaks. One would hope that science and common sense prevails, and not scaremongering, like the CSIRO are proving good at.

Tree death patterns revealed through statistical lens

Tree death patterns revealed through statistical lens

NEW methods of analysing high resolution digital airborne imagery are being trialled in a bid to track water usage in Perth’s drying climate. […]

The rainfall pattern for the South West does not show a drying climate for starters. The Perth Coastal Plain however is dropping, along with increased pumping from coastal aquifers:

2011 update 37 year Perth dams catchment rainfall trend – nearly a Thousand GL of water wasted over 15 years by not managing catchments

January 1st, 2012 by Warwick Hughes


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