Late Night Cravings

Fall favorites

It`s been all about preparing the latest weeks and saving up energy for the move and I have to admit, Im exhausted, I guess I just need to rest right now, especially cause Im also having a cold and “a pain in the ass” fever. But the weekend has been cozy and I been spending time watching entourage and eating italian food. I also been spending some time searching for inspiration and my theme for this weekend has been black, white and grey. Inspiring photographs and tv shows that makes me smile always makes me feel better and will always be a good start of a new week.

1. Acne // 2. Retro // 3. All Saints // 4. Acne // 5. Marc Jacobs //6. Marc Jacobs // 7. All Saints

I hope you been having a lovely weekend!

Love, Julia Linn




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