Microsoft Updates Its Android App With Better Syncing, Storage, Colors And More


Today Microsoft announced an update to its Android application, including server-side search, improved offline mail storage, colors, vacation replies, and aliases., a key project for Microsoft, has over 400 million users. The successor to Hotmail, is Microsoft’s mail vision for all mobile platforms. According to Microsoft, 68% of users hit up their digital missives from their mobile device, so having a strong application set matters.

If you are an Outlook,com and Android user, this update will contain at least a few things that you like. You can now sync all your mail to your device, if you want to burn the storage capacity. If you want to be able to find any message you want, but not download the lot, Microsoft has added server-side search to the Android app. A different question: How did it not have that feature before?

Microsoft has also added a new…

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