This Mechanical Watch Has A Magic Button That Sets It By GPS


If there’s a single problem with mechanical watches its that they’re often considered inaccurate. A collection of gears and springs, no matter how carefully put together, will always lose a little time here or there. There’s a solution, quartz, but these tickers are accurate but boring. But why not put the chocolate in the peanut butter, as it were, and connect the two? VCXO has done just that.

Their new watch, called the Ox One, features a mechanical movement that automatically syncs with GPS satellites with the press of a “Magic Button” (yes, that’s what it’s really called) on the side of the watch. A built-in battery is charged by the weights inside the movement that also power the automatic movement. It does not have a winding crown and instead depends on the magic button to set the watch. If there is no GPS connectivity the watch simply sets itself…

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