Hello this is Mayanktaker. I am a very simple and funny boy from India. I am too simple to understand. There is a better way in which I can describe myself. Here is few things and activities that I like so you can understand who and which kind of sperm I have –



History & Geography

Computer machines

Web developing and graphic designing.

Extraterrestrial life and paranormal activities..

I am a deep thinker and researcher of Extraterrestrial life and paranormal things and I found the answers of universe’s most asked questions based on my own study and research.

I am biggest fan of The Undertaker who is the Godfather of wrestling. I love food and love to take care my health and my sexy cool hairs. I am short in height and short in build i.e. 5.65 feet and build skinny but I take care health and I build 6 pack abs. πŸ˜‰ I am shy and don’t like toΒ  meet new people.. may be because of my short height. 😦 About my looks ? well I
‘m just ok in looks. πŸ˜‰


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